• Are you certified and licensed?

      All of our teachers have their CDA (Child Development Associates Degree), are licensed, and two have their Director’s Credentials. Everyone working at the Academy also submits to FBI background screening before they are allowed to work with our children.

    • What education qualifications does the staff carry?

      To work in childcare the minimum requirement is 45 hours or 4.5 ECE of Early Childhood Education. Every year each teacher is required to take an additional 10 hours of in-service training in the Early Childhood Field. All teachers are certified in adult/child CPR and First Aid. Our Director has been in the Early Childhood field for over twenty-five years. Our staff continually stays up to date with State and local educational requirements.

    • What is the adult-to-child ratio?

      Low ratios are valued to us. We staff our K-2 classroom with a minimum of two teachers to aid with toilet training.
      The state requirements are as follows:
      Infants 4:1
      Ones 6:1
      Twos: 11:1
      Threes 15:1
      Fours 20:1
      VPK 11:1

    • What is your policy for sick children?

      We sometimes have children with sniffles from allergies or the start of a cold. We carefully monitor each child throughout the day, and if there are signs of a fever we isolate the child until the parent can pick them up.

    • Do I pay when my child is absent due to sickness or vacation?

      In these events, you will be responsible for half of your regular tuition.

    • How do you handle tantrums, pushing, fighting, and arguments?

      We do our best to use positive re-direction. If unsuccessful, the child will be removed to a quiet area until they are more easily managed. In these areas we supply items such as books and puppets to keep them busy.

    • What would you do if my baby cried inconsolably?

      We talk, walk, sing and read to your child until they become acclimated. Generally, infants can be calmed down just by swaddling them close and rocking them. If none of our attempts are successful, we will contact the parent to see if they would like to come and spend some time with their child in the group experience.

    • Do you have pets?

      We will occasionally have fish in one of the classrooms

    • What is your staff turnover rate?

      Our turnover rate is very low. Our teachers love teaching.