We believe that all things are possible through God. Because of this, we base our instruction on Christian beliefs and biblical principles. Each child is seen as a true gift from God and is treated as such (Psalm 127:3). Because each child is unique and has been given different gifts and abilities, we work to initially discover each child's strengths. We then are able to design activities that will build on these strengths while, at the same time, encourage development in the child where needed.

We want your child to feel like they are the leader in their learning and development. Therefore, we take plenty of time to observe and learn where your child is developmentally, and where his/her interests lie. Once we see what your child enjoys and what they are developmentally ready to do, we can then plan appropriate activities centered around your child's unique capabilities and temperament.

It is well known that children learn best when they are in a structured and safe environment. At GraceKids Academy, we take every precaution necessary to ensure that children are indeed free from harm in every location in our center. Each group of children also has a daily schedule of activities that is followed so the child and parents know what to expect from day to day. Your child's day will be a harmonious balance of appropriate activities from each of the five major areas of development.  

Cognitive activities will encourage thinking and problem solving in your child. Gross motor activities will have your child using his/her large muscle groups, while fine motor activities will work on smaller movements and hand-eye coordination. Social-emotional activities will teach your child about caring, sharing, and feelings. Finally, communication activities will help to improve your child's language development GraceKids Academy promises to give your child the care, love, and education he or she will need to be successful in the future. Through planned and spontaneous daily interactions with staff and other children, your child will gain knowledge and build meaningful relationships.